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Rao Design International. 
We are several companies under one roof. This is our first company. Started in the 1960's. We have been making various machinery components for plastic packaging. This includes a very large amount of Blow molds and Injections Molds. We regularly produce blow molds for a variety of products from beverages, to medical devices, cosmetics, automotive parts, blow fill seal applications, household items and many other blow moldable items. In the past we have worked with many inventors. If you have a concept we can help you make it in plastic. Our turn around time beats out the competition.  We offer you rapid prototyping of the product as we have many blow molding machines in house.  Full service machine shop.

American Plastics Technologies, Inc.
APT manufactures blow molding equipment for blow molded products.  Our machines are easy to operate. You will find them very efficient and economical. We have been producing blow molding machinery for 30 years.  Blow Fill Seal Machinery is another type of custom built machinery available through us.  We have built a variety of custom packaging machines for Form Fill Seal pouches, to Shrink Wrapping machinery, to custom cutting and trimming machinery as well.  We also have filling lines available and blow fill seal can give you aseptic filling.

Asep - Pack/ APT BFS
Blow Fill Seal Machines for sale.  Also known to many as Form Fill Seal Machines.  Ready to be customized for your project.  We have great turn around time. Don't wait so many months to have your machine delivered. This machine will aseptically package your products so you may produce FDA approvable goods. These are used for a variety of products including for IV (, intravenous) solutions, pharmaceutical liquids, beverages,  cosmetics, a variety of gels and creams and food applications as well.  This technology is ideal for many drugs, medicines, or medications. It can produce many multiple vials of your product and is great for solutions such as eye drops or substance that you would like dispensed in a dropper type bottle.
We offer:  research and development for your product. We can make the molding tools for you and with a low overhead cost you can see your concept realized.

Chicago Export Corp
We will have created several different types of plants up world wide for mineral water bottling, medical IV solutions,  and various food products.  We combine our machine shop capabilities and abilities to create custom designed machinery with our pre-existing blow molding and blow fill seal technology to give you a complete turnkey operation.  Even the little things like conveyers are easy for us to create for you.


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