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Medical Blow-Fill-Seal

American Plastics Technologies, Inc, is Americas Superior manufacturer of Medical Blow-fill-seal machines.  Medical Blow-fill-seal machines combine the APT technologies of blow molding hollow containers with a process to fill and seal the package, all in one machine cycle, in a fully sterile environment.




Blow-Fill-Seal Machine for I.V. Fluids

1. Overview

Blow-fill-seal machines combine the proprietary APT technologies of antiseptically blow molding hollow containers with a process to fill and seal the package, all in one machine cycle. By eliminating individual machines for creating the container, filling the container, and scaling the package great savings in space and efficiency can be realized while maintaining a medically sterile environment. One compact machine takes the place of an entire assembly line operation!

2.Blow Molding

aptbfs2.jpg (10100 bytes)In house blow molding allows control over package design, stock levels and medical sterility that is not possible through outside procurement. The process involves the extrusion of material (plastic) clamping the two halves of a mold around the extrusion, and blowing air into the mold forming the container.

3. Filling

Once the container is formed, the valves controlling the air close, and valves controlling the liquid or viscous material open allowing a measured dose to flow into the container. The machine can be adjusted to
use a variety of different fill products
(from sterile water, infusion fluids and the like, to injectable medicines and vaccines).
This process is completely sterile making it ideal for pharmaceuticals.aptbfs2.jpg (10100 bytes)

4. Sealing

aptbfs3.jpg (12007 bytes)The mold can be designed to seal blocks of containers (ideal for ampoules) or individual units. A variety of closures can be utilized that are part of the molded container, completely eliminating the need for a separate capping process. Closure designs include twist-off, break-off, or cut-off.

5. Aseptic Packaging

The process of cleaning and sterilizing containers delivered from the outside is completely eliminated. The container material is automatically sterilized in the heated extrusion process and in the pressurized parison head. There is no danger of contamination while transporting the container to a filling or capping station as this all occurs within the mold.aptbfs4.jpg (9493 bytes)

6. Application Oriented Medical Packaging

The benefit of using blow molded plastics is that the container can be manufactured in many different shapes and sizes. Collapsible packing is widely used for medical infusion solutions. The soft plastic material allows for the administration of intravenous solutions without the need for air compensation (filters or venting).

7. Summary

The complete Blow/Fill/Seal machine allows for considerable savings in space, increased efficiency and complete sterility.

Complete control of the delivery, quality and cleanliness of containers is held in-house.
Containers can be customized to the individual company, giving a unique package associated with your medical products.
Flexibility in design allows for application oriented packaging (squeeze applicators, I.V. sets, pre-measured dosing).
Molded closures eliminate the need for a separate capping machine/procedure.
Complete safety from contaminants by completing the entire process in one machine, within a fully sterile environment, eliminating the need for a "clean room" or sterilization process.


The APT Performance Pledge

One Year Comprehensive Warranty from Date of Delivery
Initial Machine Training in our facility before Shipping
Advanced Training in your facility at time of Start-up
Medical Machines In-Stock for Immediate Delivery
Molds and Tooling Produced within Two Weeks in our Factory
All Machine Parts are made in our American Factory
Extensive Spare Parts Program is Included
Prompt and Professional Follow-up Service is included

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