RAO Design & Management Services is a project management developer whose experience and knowledge
cover the globe with comprehensive management teams that partner with clients to ensure successful project implementation
from concept to design to construction completion.

Services We Offer

Site Engineering & Construction
Project Implementation Planning & Development
Plants, Machinery & Equipment Procurement,
Installation, On-Site Training & Start Up
Plant Operation, Maintenance & Management
Complete Turnkey Solutions

Industry Sectors We Serve


Farming, Food Processing & Distribution Projects

Power, Gas & Oil

Generators, Gas Gathering & Processing Plants, Modular Oil Refineries, Bio-Diesel Fuel Production & Alternative Sources


Pre-engineered Medical Centers, IV Solutions & Pharmaceutical Projects, Medical Devices & Mobile Medical Clinics


Molding Equipment & Plants, Aeseptic Packaging & Filling Lines

Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structures

Homes, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Stadiums, Industrial Parks & Business Incubators.


Wireless VSAT-Network VolP Telephone, Fax, High Speed Broadband, Internet Systems & Cable Television

Hospitality & Tourism

Hotels, Resorts & Amusement Parks


Airport & Heliport Development, New & Used Passenger and Cargo Aircrafts

Additional Development & Management Projects

Medical Oil, Gas & Power
Disposable Syringes Bio-Fuel Diesel Production Plant From Palm Oil
& Needles Ethanol Production Plant From Cassava
Drug Manufacturing Lines Refuse Incinerator & Power Plant
Medical Diagnostic & Testing Labroratory 100MW To 200MW Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant (IPP)
Food Processing Hospitality & Tourism
Glucose Powder & Syrup Production Pre-engineered Hotels To House
Grain Storage & Cereal Manufacturing Visitors & Expatriates
Flour Mill Cultural & Eco Tourism
Canning Lines
Jams & Marmalade Production Construction
Vegetable Oil Crushing Plant Asphalt Batch Plant
Powdered Milk, Evaporated Milk Sawmill & Drying Kiln
& Condensed Milk Production Facilities Building Materials For Housing Production
Soy Milk & Soy Products Production Facilities Housing Development
Beverage Manufacturing & Packaging Furniture Production Facilities
Cocoa Plant Renovation
Agricultural Railway Systems To Transport Products, Materials
Cattle, Goat & Pig Ranching Throughout Country
& Slaughterhouses
Tilapia Fishery Processing
(Closed Circuit/Recirculation System) Solid Mineral Processing
Catfish Fishery Precious Gems Processing
(Closed Circuit/Recirculation System) Gold Mining Processing
Kroker Fishery Industrial Bagging Lines
(Closed Circuit/Recirculation System)
Cattle & Fish Feed Personal Goods
Fruit Tree & Palm Nursery For Export Housewares
Sugar Cane Plantation Foam Mattress Production Plants
Sugar Refinery Textile Manufacturing
Clothing, Shoes Arts & Crafts (Export Potential)
Liquid Soaps, Candles & Beauty Cream Plants