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Rao Design Engineering in Schiller Park, IL is serving the Chicago area and customers nationally. Full service machine shop, milling, lathing, welding, refurbishing, CNC programming and tooling, polishing, many custom fabrications. We have been in business over 40 years.

Our machine shop has fabricated and repaired a number of custom molds, machined and mechanical parts, and custom built machinery. We have fast turn-around time, which is why many customers come to us during their times of need to get their production back up.

Extruders screws and extruder work is another strength ours whether for plastics or food applications we can repair, build and engineer your equipment. We have been in business at our location in Schiller Park, Illinois for nearly 30 years and have been in business for over forty. The staff experience is strong with precision capabilities using many machineries and tools including CNC design and machining centers.

Over the years we have produced many part out many different materials from SS (, Stainless Steel), to Aluminum to many different Alloys (, also including Beryllium copper ,etc.). Please visit our molds page to see more our molding components and tooling capabilities. Parts can be engraved and have a number of unique appearances or designs.

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Postal address - 9451 Ainslie, Schiller Park, Illinois, 60176
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